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Who We Are

We are definitely not your average planners. We are hired when persons are looking for a proposal or event that is unique and extraordinary. Our clients are busy professionals, who want out of the box thinkers to provide calm during planning, sharp minds when negotiating with vendors and control that is perfection on the day of execution for a stress- free event.

Born at the intersection of inspiration and creative, 4The Love of Events  ensures that your special day is less stressful, beautiful and one of magic. If you want your wedding or event to be truly amazing, then 4TLE is the one for you.

Meet the Team

A small team, providing big moments with one-of-a-kind events, for a lifetime of happiness.

Avani Armbrister


Co- Owner

Avani has over 15+ years experience in hospitality and destination wedding planning. With a passion for seeing brides looking their best with events that seemed out of a fairy tale book, Avani started the company back in 2004 and a few years later joined by Co- Owner Alphanique Brooks. Avani has an innate ability to connect the dots between clients and vendors, creative ideas and the steps to pulling them off. Whether an event was planned last year or last week, she has a skill for making everything run smoothly. She takes what’s in a client’s mind and brings it to life. When she is not ensuring an event is a success, Avani can be found hosting family get together’s, planning her kids birthday parties or lending a hand to assist those she can.

Alphanique Brooks


Alphanique has been labelled a design guru, with a keen eye for creativity, one-of-a-kind, sometimes risky, but always amazing design ideas. With over 10+ years experience in hospitality and wedding planning, she prides herself on not being a ‘typical planner’, but one who sees the color when everyone else sees black and white. While she loves every aspect of planning, creating custom designs is where she truly comes to life. When Alphanique is not sifting through linens and matching flowers with crystals, she can be found going for a run with friends, spending time with her family or helping out where she can.