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Why I Took A Year Off From Event Planning

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January 1st 2022, New Years day rang through with so much excitement for what was given to me as a believer of Christ, to be my year of Revival! 2021 was now behind me, the year I was divorced and facing new uncertainties, but I was excited for 2022. January 27th, 2022 I planned and hosted my very first virtual LIVE wedding show, “So, You’re Engaged! What’s Next?” More than 140+ couples joined the LIVE where I invited some of the best and brightest in the wedding business in Nassau, Bahamas, on a panel to dish on all the details regarding first steps couples should know when planning their wedding, and it was FREE! Coming off the high of a successful event, I was ready to take on the world of weddings with a storm! However, God had other plans. On February 19th, 2022, without warning, my beautiful, creative, and loving 17 year old daughter, passed away at home. My life, my world turned upside down. Leaving my 12 year old son, and family to pick up the pieces. Alyssa was a 12th grade senior, with 4 months to go for graduation. Instead, she graduated from life to eternity. My life was all about my kids and love for weddings, now nothing really made sense. After, having help to execute a few weddings on our books, and referring the others, I decided to take time for myself and my son, as we learned to navigate our new normal without Alyssa. I had no time frame around it, I just knew that having to manage the expectations of someone’s big day, was not a priority for me. But God. He is faithful. With the help of my straight circle of friends, and family who loved me, I took all the love and strength they poured into me, along with knowing Alyssa would want for me to continue doing the thing that not only was I great at, but brought me joy. When 2023 rolled in, I started to plan, getting back into the world of weddings in February 2023. Planning weddings and events, is in my blood, it’s what I do, it’s what I love, and I could never leave it. ❤️  

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