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Why Wedding Planners Are No Longer A Luxury, But A Necessity.


Wedding Planner

OMG! He popped the question, and you said yes! Now what? Once the novelty has worn off, reality sets in fast, really fast! So many decisions, from choosing your bridal squad, your vision for the day, and the kicker, managing everyone’s opinion! When you are getting married, your friends, family, and those you barely know, all feel the need to weigh in, from what you should wear to who should be there. All of that is great, but none of that matters if three very important things are not confirmed first. Your date, budget, and venue.

That is why a wedding planner is very important, they keep things in perspective for you, and ensure that you get the important things locked in first. Now, don’t get us wrong, there are some brides who know exactly what they want, from the stationary, to the flowers, right down to the floor plan and layout.

Then, you have the bride that gets overwhelmed by the thought of fabric swatches, and the seating chart….ha! Can we talk about Instagram and Pinterest for a minute? Listen….these can be a bride’s best friend or worst enemy. Oh, they show you all the pretty things and how gorgeous your day can be, but they never tell you the real work or cost involved. We help our couples, choose a budget, and stick with it, one of the most important things they need, even if they don’t know it. Wedding Planners become like family during the long months of planning, and negotiations, to get you the best rates on everything. We are the referee when your MOH has lost sight that it’s not about her, or your soon to be Mother In- Law, won’t let it go about carnations, they’re just not your favorite flower!

This is why wedding planners are a necessity, not a luxury. And no, we’re not talking about your best friend’s Auntie who planned all her siblings weddings (no offence Auntie’s😘 ). We’re talking about certified, experienced industry professionals. Who come equipped with a host of vendors they have built great relationships with and can give you the most value because of this. They help you set realistic goals, and keep you on track and within your budget. If you are a busy professional, we encourage you to hire a wedding planner, so you can be as involved as you want to without all of the stress. On the other hand, if you have the time and want to plan it all on your own, then maybe a ‘Month of Coordinator’ is right for you. After all, who wants to look at timelines, and reconfirming vendors, when you should be getting glammed up, drinking bubbly, and making memories on your big day? You can plan, but you can’t execute yourself when the day comes. 

Wedding Planners are detailed, organized and very resourceful. So whether used for full scale planning or just on the day, hire a planner, they will save you time and money, not to mention the stress, and you will be glad you did.

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